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Why join us? 

We understand the importance of the first six years of life. This is the fundamental stage where children learn, grow and absorb the most. In order to guide the children towards a love for learning, character building, and socio-emotional growth, all of our guides have been formally and professionally trained in the Montessori method for each respective age group by Montessori Teacher Preparation of the U.S. It's Early Childhood Course is Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) accredited training center and they have applied for accreditation for their Infant - Toddler program. Furthermore, it has also applied for affiliation with American Montessori Society (AMS). In addition, programs have been thoroughly prepared to possess the complete set of didactic materials designed through Dr. Maria Montessori's blueprints to give the children the opportunity to learn with their hands. 

We assure you that your child's academic and emotional growth is our priority. 


Our Programs


Toddler Community

Age: 18 months - 3 years


The child absorbs more information from the environment during their first three years of life than any other part of their lifetime. Billions of neurons are ready to be used when the child is born, and each new experience forms the architecture of the brain for the years to come. The Toddler program provides a safe and calm environment that nurtures the sensory, cognitive, language, social, and spiritual growth of the child.


Primary Class

Age: 3 years - 6 years 

The casa program provides the child unique opportunities to explore the world through their hands and their senses and construct knowledge through experiences. The child uses his mental energy to adapt and grow in his  particular environment. Our MIA/MACTE trained guides have been fully prepared to confidently model and enrich the lives of young children in their social, emotional and intellectual growth.


Parent Seminars


Our commitment to quality Montessori education doesn't end in the classroom. All Casa da Vida parents have priority access to participate in parent seminars to instill Montessori principles and practices in the home or wherever the Montessori child goes. Continuing education is key for the child's development to reach their maximum potential. Remaining slots will be opened to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


Casa da Vida Montessori Center 

Cainta, Rizal 

Accreditation, Partners, & Affiliation

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